JIM THORN - Aerospace and Defence Specialist
This book can change your life, better still it can change your future! 
  • How to lose weight and keep it off forever without starving.
  • How to be the person you really want to be.
  • How to maximize your youth well past middle age and create a new and exciting you that you never knew existed. 
  • How to be fit, vital and alive without living like an athlete. 
A practical revelation in understanding how not to put on weight, stay fit and turn back the clock on your body’s ageing process while easily solving life's day to day dramas.
This is a 'how to' lifestyle book like no other you have ever read. The simple down to earth reason is that from the outset it is written not by a well known medical professional, rather by a regular person, just like yourself.
Jim Thorn, an internationally recognised award winning journalist and writer takes you on a journey of understanding just how your body works and why it doesn't always act as you would like it to. The reason, we, for instance put on weight are well documented though rarely presented in a fashion that is easy to understand and implement in everyday life.
Never go on a diet again. There is no need to. This book shows you the food groups that you need to avoid to be fit and healthy and the weight you want to be, with the body shape you desire - without starving yourself, becoming vegetarian or sweating away at the gym five nights a week.
Take control of your life. Solve problems the easy way and attain your goals using plain old fashioned common sense and your powers of deduction, something that should have been taught to us at school but wasn't. Increase your self esteem and with it the good things in life.
Take control of your life and be a new fit, happy and healthy you. What have you got to lose? 
Available from late 2011 as an ebook from Amazon 
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