JIM THORN - Aerospace and Defence Specialist
In 1982 Argentina did everything wrong in its defence of the Falkland Islands. Despite this the outcome was quite rightly described as "a close run thing".
Imagine for a moment that it is 1999 and a far different Argentine political regime, appropriately armed and militarily prepared, has invaded and taken possession of the Islands. With a massive airbase already on East Falkland, courtesy of the UK taxpayer, it would indeed be a brave taskforce commander who dares sail his fleet within a thousand kilometres of Islas Malvinas, let alone initiate a landing to wage a ground campaign against a highly mobile and well equipped enemy.
And that is precisely what has occurred in a war that will be shortly referred to worldwide as Falkland 2!
Argentina's back, and this time it's most definitely different. Politically motivated by the spectre of riches greater than that of the North Sea oilfields, the modern day administration meticulously prepares an invasion by stealth of the almost forgotten Falklands. With a large fleet of upgraded fighter jets and an arsenal of over 200 Exocet antiship missiles, the Argentines reinforce the islands to the extent that it is almost impossible for the British to militarily respond. But they must, and the why and how is what makes this refreshingly original technothriller a nonstop adventure that will have you engrossed from start to dramatic finish.
From the depths of the South Atlantic, nuclear powered hunter killers stalk their prey while their surface compatriots fight for their lives against an avalanche of missiles. RAF Harriers fight alongside Royal Navy Sea Harriers while tanker assisted Kfirs, late model Skyhawks and Super Etendards  launch from the state of the art airbase so thoughtfully built for them to be overwhelmed so easily in the dead of a winter's night. And through all this both fight a common enemy in nature and the tyranny of distance.
The blow by blow narration of what actually happens in the tension filled operation to retake the Falklands makes for some thoughtful reading. Indeed, at times you will be finding it difficult to seperate fact from fiction in this unique novel of high tech warfare in the dying days of the twentieth century.
Available as an ebook from Amazon from early 2012
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