JIM THORN - Aerospace and Defence Specialist
"I rolled inverted and pulled down hard, my breathing barely keeping pace with my heartbeat as the force of gravity increased. Drury was just ahead and I was again playing the dutiful wingman. I caught a glimpse of Johnny Hart well ahead and to my right with Brett locked onto him like hot cheese to toast. He slid into place between two of the 190s and fired. His tracer arcing towards them, around them, but not apparently hitting anything. They broke hard right and the two Mustangs followed, tightening the turn in the process. The Germans dived and Hart was onto them, fired and one smoked, flamed and exploded in what seemed like a second, his wingman splitting and disappearing into the cloudbase below."
For the United States Army Air Force the advent of the Rolls Royce Merlin powered Mustang fighter in World War 2 ushered in a new equation to the intensity and success of the up until then precarious daylight bombing missions over Nazi Europe. For the first time ever the long suffering bomber crews now knew they had their ‘little friends’ flying protective escort all the way to the target and back, no matter how distant.
The North American P-51 Mustang and its dramatic effect upon the daylight bombing campaign of the US Eighth Air Force, as described by one young pilot, is what this dramatic story is about, nothing more, nothing less. This extensively researched novel portrays the challenges, fears and hopes of the era in stark human detail. Fiction that is closer to fact.
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