JIM THORN - Aerospace and Defence Specialist
An out of left field analysis of the Australian Defence Department’s greatest project disasters and what it has cost you, the taxpayer!
Irritated by how your taxpayer dollars have been wasted on overpriced school halls, stimulus payments to the deceased and overseas residents, for never to be built indigenous housing, for a broadband network that few want and overseas experts agree is overpriced....then that's nothing compared with the decades of waste and project management ineptitude from Australia's Department of Defence.
This book narrates the sad tale of how so many major defence acquisition programs of recent decades went awry. The whys and wherefores of how the Department of Defence wasted billions of your  taxpayer dollars in the pursuit of totally dysfunctional projects that from the very beginning were never meant to succeed.
This book isn’t just about making wrong decisions. It is about making wrong decisions on wrong decisions and then failing to learn even the most basic lessons from previous failures. An epic tale of dysfunctional project mismanagement at its unbelievable worst. Fact that is even beyond the realms of fiction and you are the one paying for it! 
Chapters include the continuing saga of the poor performing Collins Class submarines - RAN rust bucket landing ships that should never have been purchased - non performing frigate upgrades and the illogical original helo choice - Wamira, the trainer that nobody wanted - Jindalee, great now but a financial disaster in its early decades - the long delayed Sea Sentinel Orion upgrade - non performing torpedoes and the doozey of them all – the Super Seasprite helicopter that we paid dearly for but didn't even put into service.
Off Target also Includes a chapter explaining how these disasters occur and reveals a remedy and also delves into the realm of international military procurement disasters and how Britain is about to lose billions of barrels of oil in a stunning example of how to learn nothing from past mistakes. 
Available now in printed book form at Australian Aviation  
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